Rejected Star Tribune Letter to the Editor: Esme Murphy-Angie Craig WCCO Interview

Since the Star Tribune was not interested in publishing my Letter to the Editor, I'm publishing it here on this blog. See the WCCO interview (from August 14, 2016) I am referencing here.

One question WCCO reporter Esme Murphy asked Angie Craig in an interview Sunday morning made my skin crawl. After posing several questions about Craig’s background and her political positions, Murphy told Craig that some voters in the second congressional district “aren’t sure what to think” about the fact that Craig is gay and has a wife (how shocking!), trying to soften the blow with a trite “just to be honest.” She went on to ask Craig what she would say to people who were unsure what they thought about her being gay. 

This line of questioning from Murphy was insensitive and regressive, not to mention irresponsible journalism. The way Murphy phrased the question put Craig on the defensive and forced her to answer to anti-gay people, making their position into a legitimate campaign concern. Well, guess what – Craig has nothing to defend! Such a position – that LGBT candidates must provide an explanation, rationalization, or defense of their lives in the political arena – has no place in a journalistic enterprise. Anti-gay voters have every right to their narrow-minded opinions, but this does not mean their position should be given the time of day on a major news broadcasting station. 

People from the second district do not care about Craig’s personal life. What they care about is electing someone who actually wants Congress to pass laws and conduct the nation’s business. Perhaps Esme Murphy should think twice before she disrespects a gay public figure like that.