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Middle School One

When I was on a plane a memory came to me so I wrote it down.   ...  Most of the windows of the old house faced due south. There weren't trees close enough to block out the sun, so in the middle of the afternoon it was very bright. In 2006, 2007, and 2008, my middle school years, I came home to this bright light and to Muffin the cat. I saw Muffin and the bright light every day after I walked up the long, sloped gravel driveway from the street, which is where the bus dropped me off.  When I remember the walk up the driveway I think of the color gray, which is the color the sky behind the house looked as I approached it from the street during the winter months of 2007-2008, which is when my mind began crystallizing memories concretely. Maybe this coincided with the beginning of my keeping a journal, or possibly puberty. The gray sticks out, and of course the bright sunniness. As time passed the sunniness turned the vinyl floor in the kitchen from off-white to a purpli

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